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Matt Borlenghi Talks About his Upcoming GH Role as Valentin Cassadine

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TV Guide Canada'sNelson Brancospoke with Matt Borlenghiabout the birth of his twin sons and his upcoming role on General Hospital as Valentin Cassadine.

Incoming future GH superstar Matt Borlenghi and his wife welcomed his twin sons, Pearson Woods and Daltan Roberto, on Jan. 5. Congrats, dude! The former AMC stud tells Suds, “They were Caesarian born.” As for sleep, the Gemini says, “Not right now. I think I’ll finally be able to sleep right around the time I start taping GH.” Speaking of which, Borlenghi is dying to finally adorn Valentin Cassadine’s skin (his entry into Port Charles society was delayed because of James Franco and Jonathan Jackson’s appointments). “Playing a spiritually bankrupt man like Valentin, I'll have to draw from the complete opposite end of the emotional spectrum I’m experiencing right now with these boys, and their amazing sister, Garland, at home, who’s four now. I used to be a bad boy like Valentin in my past, but I forgave myself and evolved as a human being.” Hey, GH — Valentin better debut before Valentine’s Day. I have a feeling Borlenghi is going to kill it, Stephen Nichols-style!

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