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Daytime Confidential Down Under

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G'day mates! Guess what time it is? Yep it's time to go down under for this promotastic edition of DC: Down Under! In it I will be previewing everything happening on the Aussie soaps!

Want to know what can be expected from Neighbours in 2010? Well the new season is going to start out with a pregnancy (or two!?), a new love interest and did i mention that the newest Neighbour will be one you will not easily forget?

What else can you expect from Neighbours' landmark 25th season/  Series producers have promised no one will be leaving in the first six months. Viewers will also be treated to brand new sets! Also look for an unexpected wedding and for a main couple to  break up.  

Want learn more about Neighbours? Visit the Neighbours Official Website.

Next we have Home and Away! 

Its time for the "Bay of Love" on Home and Away this season, with the show returning to its roots and leaving all that people smuggling and gun foolishness behind.

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As you can see the one thing they are not leaving behind is funerals! Someone won't make it, but who? On Jan. 29, Home and Away will air its 5,000th episode.  Unfortunately, the series has decided not to do a big event like they did with the 4,000th episode, instead they will be celebrating all year long!

Will there be big returns? You can bet your bottom dollar that there will! So far only Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons)is confirmed to return. Reportedly the actress, who just finished up a run on the UK soap Emmerdale, will be returning to Australian screens this March. 

Katie Ritchie (ex-Sally) is also rumored to be returning to the series, this year, but then so is everyone else and their mother!

Want learn more about Home and Away? Visit the Home and Away Official Website.

Now before we wrap up, let's go across the Pacific and visit the Aussie's sheep loving cousins in New Zealand for the soapI am dying to get into Shortland Street!

The year 2010 is going to be a huge year for the residents of Shortland Street as secrets set up in the 2009 finally unravel, but will you be watching?