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One Life to Live Spoilers

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It's a new week on 

One Life to Live

and of course that means new spoilers. A return, a firing, and a reveal shake things up in the small town of LLanview. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of January 11th.

Clint/Kim/Nora: When Kim learns Rex is moving back in with Stacy, she gets an idea to get Clint to invite her to move in with him. Kim arrives at the Buchanan mansion to find Clint slapping a million dollar lawsuit on his soon to be ex-wife Nora. In turn, Nora threatens to sell the house to get back at Clint. Kim solves the fighting when she manages to get Clint to drop the lawsuit to keep the house in his family. After some quick talking, Kim gets her wish and Clint invites her to live with him at the mansion. However before she moves in, she has to deal with the returning David Vickers Buchanan. He tells her she won't be able to get away with her schemes, but Kim turns things around on David. Clint throws David out of the mansion, but tells Kim not to get too excited because he knows what she is up too. Will Clint continue to let Kim manipulate him?

Rex/Stacy/Schuyler/Kyle/Fish: Rex moves back into his loft to look after Stacy and what he thinks is his unborn child. When Rex leaves to ask Fish to protect Stacy and the baby on his down time, Schuyler shows up to speak to Stacy. Stacy and Schuyler have it out about the baby. The argument starts to get heated and Kyle walks in just in time to hear Rex isn't the father of Stacy's baby. Kyle can't believe his ears and begins to ask a bunch of questions. Stacy and Schuyler make Kyle promise he won't tell the truth about Stacy's baby. Will Kyle keep up the charade?

Todd/Starr/Cole: Cole asks Starr to move in with him and she accepts. When Starr tells Todd her good news, he flies into a rage. Blair has a talk with Todd and tells him that he better be supportive of Starr's decision or he will lose her. Against his true feelings, Todd agrees to let Starr move in with Cole. Starr packs her and Hope's things and moves out of her father's house. Before she leaves, she shares tearful goodbye with Todd and Blair.

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Soon after, Tood gets a visit from Mitch. Mitch offers to get rid of Cole permanently if Todd gets Jessica to warm up to him (Mitch). Todd refuses his offer and tells Mitch to stay away from his family. Mitch is highly displeased by Todd's decision and begins to plot his next move to get his way. How far will Mitch go to get under Todd's skin?

Blair/Elijah: Blair and Elijah walk it like a dog all over Llanview. They even have sex on the Police Commissioner's desk.

Markko/Langston: Langston agrees to move in with Markko, Cole, Starr, and Hope. However, Markko and Langston soon realize living with a baby is too much to handle. The couple goes apartment hunting, and Langston runs into Ford. They have a close moment and Markko sees. How long will it be before Langston gives in to her desire for Ford?

Mitch/Natalie/John/Dorian: Commissioner Lowell is forced to drop all charges in the Mitch stabbing case against John when Brody, Marty, Cole, and Jessica all confess to the crime. John gets off the hook on this one but he ends up losing his job when Lowell fires him just for good measure. John goes to tell Natalie that the Mitch stabbing case is closed for good and walks in on her confessing the truth to Viki and Charlie. After visiting Natalie, John visits Bo and Brody. The three men decide to team up to bring down Mitch and Dorian.

Later in the week, John figures out that Dorian is Mitch's puppet. He goes to Dorian and informs her that she will never get Mitch off her case if she keeps trying to battle him on her own. However, Dorian has something else up her sleeve after overhearing Charlie speaking about how he almost killed Mitch long ago in a drunken stupor. Will Dorian eventually listen to John?

Ford/David: David is back in Llanview and on a mission. He tries to get Kim thrown out of the Buchanan mansion but ends up getting kicked out himself. Soon after, he finds Ford and demands his royalties for their failed reality television program that is now an internet series making money. Ford refuses to give David a penny, once again leaving David on the outs. Will things turn around for David?

Tea/Danielle/Ross: Tea is absolutely shocked to find Ross alive and well in Tahiti. Ross and Danielle reunite but it is short lived. When Ross finds out Danielle tried to kill Todd, he tells her Todd is her biological father.  Danielle doesn't believe him and Tea and Ross are forced to reveal the entire complicated story. In an uncharacteristic move, Ross tells Danielle to go back to Llanview and have a relationship with Todd. Danielle agrees to go back with Tea only if Tea doesn't sell Ross out to the cops. The mother and daughter reach a deal and are soon on their way back home. How will Tea react to finding Blair already living with Todd?

Sneak Peeks at Next Week (January 18th):

  • Tea and Danielle arrive in Llanview
  • Danielle devastates Todd
  • Kyle and Fish want the truth from Stacy
  • Charlie gives Dorian what she wants
  • Kim gets some help from Schuyler