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The Mustache Who Came Back: Braeden Talks Y&R Return

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The face that launched thousands of Soap Opera Digest covers is back with a vengance! Eric Braeden discusses his alter ego's return to The Young and The Restless with TV Guide Magazine.

When you were written off the show, Victor was unfairly blamed for almost every crime and calamity in Genoa City. Is he back with a hit list?

Oh, yes, and he’s salivating for revenge. Nothing explosive. He’s angry and bitter but he’s going to play it very cool, very Machiavellian. It all unfolds in a very delicious manner and I’m enjoying it enormously. [Laughs] I like to get even.

Braeden also enlightend readers as to who intervened during his contract dispute, and what showrunners Maria Arena Bell and Paul Rauchwere doing while the highly-publicized drama played out.

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Where was Bell, and for that matter [Y&R co-executive producer] Paul Rauch, when you were going through your contract fight? They said nothing publicly, which seemed rather cowardly. It made it look like you were hanging in the wind, with no support from any of your producers.

I’m sure that was done in order not to sway the negotiations one way or the other. The ball was obviously in [Y&R owner] Sony’s court. Had it not been for that personal touch—the connection with Maria Bell—I don’t think I would have been back.

Did she actively step in at some point to make something happen?

I’m sure she tried all the time. Yeah. But who essentially stepped in was [CBS president] Les Moonves, who has always been a friend and supporter. I don’t know how it eventually was solved, but in the end this sort of thing becomes a pissing contest, and there’s a point where you say, “What for?”

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