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Does Y&R's Adam Really Love Sharon?

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Does The Young and the Restless' Adam (Michael Muhney) really love Sharon (Sharon Case)? This was the question SOAPnet asked Muhney in a recent interview.

Does Adam really love Sharon?

"Unequivocally, he loves Sharon 100%. You can argue as much logic as you want about what Adam has done and what he is doing. But any of us who've ever been in love know that pragmatism and love are two completely separate entities. You can't make sense of why he's done some things or continues to hide others. You can't argue: 'Well, if he loves her so much, why doesn't he let her know Faith is alive? Why doesn't he put Faith back in her arms?' It just becomes so complicated and convoluted as time goes on.

Visit SOAPnet for the rest of Muhney's comments on Adam and Sharon's relationship.

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Do you believe Adam really loves Sharon?