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One Life to Live Recap


I have to say that I am glad that Ross didn't die, and that they didn't wait until everyone was happy in a year or two to bring him back. I doubt he will be around for long, but I am glad that he came to Dani first. The way that they have played their relationship out, this reunion, if only four seconds long, was worth it. I can't wait to see how this goes for the rest of the week.

Todd and Blair trying to be friends is funny, and I hope that it lasts because it works for me. They know too much about each other to try and make a relationship ever work, but a friendship allows them to still flirt and be snarky with each other. But with their history, it won't last. However, Blair and Eli are hot. I know that this doesn't have a shot in hell of being long term, because its Blair, but I love it.

The way they got John McBain off was humorous to me, but I felt like it came out of nowhere. I wish that we would have seen who's idea it was. I got the impression that it was Marty, but you don't really know. I found it especially funny to see Cole confessing to Lowell. I bet Lowell would have like to put all four of them in cells.

Speaking of Cole, I hate how every major move in his relationship with Starr is in retaliation of Todd. The sex, the marriage proposal, and now moving in together. I wish once that he could be a good guy and ask her because he just wants it that way, because he loves her.

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Now, my two favorites, Mitch and Kimmy.

Mitch who is normally so cheesy I have to tint my TV down when he comes on, was fairly toned down today. He can be very creepy at times, but for the most part, he seemed like if you didn't know his history, you could really like him. I think that he plays it that way, to make his "cult" more believable. I hope that he keeps up the good cheese, and the evil factor, at a nice balance like he has so far. Poor Dorian is the punching bag right now, but I think that they are on the way to making a new target for Mitch.

Finally, Kim is so delightful. She is such a schemer, that it is almost obvious, and the only thing I don't like about it is that Clint seems to come off as an idiot. I hope that he wises up, but keeps her around. I mean, she pisses off everyone he wants to piss off, and she is very sexy. Days like today make you realize that Stacy Morasco was worth the Fiasco to get Kim on our screens.

Well, what did you think? See y'all tomorrow.

Editor Note: Be sure to give Scooter Smith a warm Daytime Confidential welcome. Scooter is a recent One Life to Live convert. He avoids spoilers so any theories included in recaps are just theories. We hope you enjoy his OLTL recaps!