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One Life to Live Recap


Today was awesome for a number of reasons, but one word stands out. Vickers! I am so happy David is back. He cracks me up with how blunt he is about everything. "What kind of spineless,yellow, no good, oh it was..Dorian.Of Course." What a perfect way to start the episode.

I love the fact that in one day David has already been at the police station, interrupted Blair and Elijah, visited his dad, and went to the mansion. I can't wait to see if he has anything on Kim, or if he just told her he knew what she had done to get her to react. I hope David sticks around for awhile this time!

Hilarious line: "In the immortal words of Roxanne Balsom, 'You got to get back up on the hearse... She meant horse."

Speaking of Bo and Matthew, their father son scenes were touching. It was nice to see Bo being a father to a teenager, and hear him talk to Matthew like an adult, while still supporting him like a son.

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Clint moving Kim in to the Buchanan mansion was such a treat! Renee was a hoot, and Kim gave it right back. I think their battles are going to get better. Having Kim be the one to diffuse the Nora bomb over the house was perfect. However, the best thing about Clint and Kim was when she wanted to dance, and Clint looked at her blankly and said, "You want a pole?" While on the topic of Clint, I have been hearing a lot of comparisons to Asa, and while he was dead before I started watching, if what we're seeing is Clint is Asa-Lite, I think I would have loved Asa, and I hope Clint keeps it up!

Starr and Langston moving was bleh for me. I don't really care all that much. I know where it is headed. Markko and Lang will not be able to last with four people and a baby.

Ross revealing the truth was so great, I can't wait to see the fall out. Dani is playing this so honest, she needs to get a nod for the younger actress Daytime Emmy. I wonder if Ross will let her goback to Llanview? I hope so, it would be the best way to keep her and Tea on the show.

Finally, who do you think showed up at Todd's? I am guessing either Mitch or Dorian, but I would love to find out it is someone from his past that we haven't seen in a while.

'Til next time.