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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Memo to Nikolas, instead of spending your time trying to get in your sister-in-law's pants, maybe you should call your sister and your cousin who were both sitting on bombs a mere 24 hours ago.  Is Nikolas even aware of any of that or is he only allowed in the LIz/Lucky story?

Having said that, why are the writers so heavy handed about the rape and Liz's feelings for Lucky because of the aftermath of the rape, when the rape itself happened more than ten years ago, and Liz has lived a lifetime since then. 

When Johnny confronted Dominic about being Dante, I had completely forgotten that Johnny knew and that Dante didn't know Johnny knew.  I blame the Franco storyline.  They start things, drop them and when they start them up again, the viewers get confused.  Having said that, I loved the intensity between Johnny and Dante throughout the episode.

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I like that Lucky was going off on Jason, but I hated that he went off on Sam.  It wasn't her fault that Jason picked her, or that her bomb didn't go off.  Although if Jason was on his game, he would have known that's what Franco would do.

Loved Lulu and Maxie making up.

Loved Dante coming to Kristina's defense and trying to tell Michael to back off.  But Michael, who's made such progress lately, was back on the Sonny side of the fence and was douchey and annoying.

Good Lulu/Lucky scene where he tells her about Nikolas' love for Elizabeth.  I thought JMB played the shock very well.  Although I'm still tired of Lucky's constantly wet eyes.  Have we even seen Lucky laugh since JJ's been back in the role?

I love that Robin and Emma are going to visit Grandma Anna in London, although I wish the show would have sprung to have Anna visit PC.  But I hate that Robin's absence will mean skanky Lisa will likely try to horn in on Patrick.