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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers

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Hey kids! Got  more juice to give, unlike last week!

Jana: She views Ryder in a different light.

Ashley/Adam/Sharon: The walls are starting to close in on Adam's deception. Ashley and Sharon realize they were in the psych hospital at the same the time and Dr. Taylor delivered their babies, with Adam present. Sharon decides she needs to talk to him on his reason for keeping mum. Adam tells Sharon he didn't clue her in on his presence at the nut house because he did not want to cause her embarrassment.

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Afterwards, Sharon makes him vow he won't lie to her anymore and Adam promises to her he's been on the up and up with her. Sharon still feels her new husband's keeping something from her, but just doesn't know what. Meanwhile, Nick and Phyllis are also hot on Adam's trail of lies. Nick is hell-bent on busting his half-brother on what he's hiding.

Tucker/Kay/Chancellor Industries: Katherine and Neil are in for a shock at the stockholders meeting. Tucker informs everyone he owns Cell Tron and he owns Chancellor Industries and Jabot. He scoffs at the request to sell his CI stock and the deal is airtight. Katherine is crushed by this revelation. Neil informs the Abbotts of the new owner of Jabot and the family's pissed. Jack and Billy however, are hell-bent on getting the family company back and take down Tucker.

Billy wants to use Restless Style as a tool to destroy Tucker, but Jack advises him on a low key method. Neil visits with Ashley at the ranch and Victor shows up. When he finds out about Tucker, he lays into Neil for not helping Katherine enough, but Neil has some harsh words for his old mentor and friend. The former co-workers get into a bitch fest (Get him Neil!).

Victor: He tries to strike a deal with Billy.

Jill: She begs Katherine to forgive her.