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One Life to Live Recap

The Rayburn family story Wednesday was the best example I have seen in a while that shows why OLTL is better at storytelling than any other show. If that showdown, confession, and acceptance had happened on General Hospital, Days of our Lives, or As The World Turns they would have stretched it out over two or three days. 


Now  Dani is going to go back to Llanview, Ross will be presumed dead and Tea gets to go back to Todd, with half the Cramer women living at his house! I hope Ross will be back on a recurring basis at least. I really like the character.

Speaking of Todd, his showdown with Mitch was funny. It was like watching two snakes competing over who's rat was bigger. I am glad Todd told him to buzz off, but what will he do to Todd's family? He seems to be stockpiling people who "will pay". This is probably building to a catastrophe coming up for the Go Red Ball, which if I am not mistaken, usually happens in February,  a sweeps month.

Rex, Jess and Stacy today was kind of boring. I like Jess and Rex and while Stacy has become tolerable, it was more rehashing of nothing new. It felt like filler.

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I liked the idea of Ford moving in with the Mod Squad (Layla, Christian, and Oliver). Especially with Layla losing her job. It sort of ties him to a family, in a weird way.

Once again the teen storyline was obnoxious to me. I think it is a way to get Markko and Langston into their own place. That could have been achieved by discussing what it would be like when they all moved in. But they had to have the baby crying and a confrontation to end the show.

Finally, David vs. Kim today was hilarious. I loved him trying to blackmail her out of the house, and his rants about nothing. I loved her sharp comebacks and attempts to swerve away from what he was getting at. By far the best moment was when Clint came home and they told him everything. They didn't wait until he and Kim were a happy couple and break it out then. They got it out of the way early on. I loved his reaction!

Line of the day : "I get that you are looking for a sugar daddy. If you want me to be the daddy, sooner or later we are gonna have to talk about the sugar."

Wow, what a pointed way of calling her out! I can't wait to see what happens next with my favorite Llanview couple.