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RUMOR REPORT: Are Two Former Head Writers From CANCELLED Sudser Guiding Light in at AMC?

Sweet Mother of Moses. Panic, hysteria and lost eyeglasses (Wait, that was just Velma on that episode of Scooby Doo I was watching at midnight) spread across the interwebs last night when Soap Opera Network's Toups reported former Guiding Light head writers David Kreizman and Donna Swajeski would be assuming control of the writers' room at All My Children. Considering that Toups is a pretty reliable source, I contacted ABC this morning.


"I cannot confirm this," says Jori Petersen, vice-president of media relations at ABC Daytime. "When we have something to announce, you will hear about it."

Now generally when something of this magnitude is flat out false, ABC will go ahead and let you know it isn't true, so who knows? If this is true, I can get down with Swajeski. She was my GIRL during her stint head writing Another World (1988-1992)— even if she was allegedly working from Harding Pete Lemay's story bible initally— but Kreizman, sigh. Let's just say if Erica Kane falls in love with her cousin, or Adam Chandler eats a doggone flower and turns into Tom Pelphrey I won't be a happy camper! Speaking of which, wouldn't Kreizman still be locked in a contract at As The World Turns? I mean, I know that soap has been cancelled (though it's been kicking ABC Daytime's boo tah of late in the ratings) and will go off in September, but that's still quite a ways off. Again, who knows? This industry is gonna drive me to drinking rubbing alcohol.

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