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DC Exclusive: Kassie DePaiva Reveals Why Blair and Tea Fight Over a Man Like Todd Manning!

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Whether she's working a con, protecting her kids or reinventing sex in the afternoon, Blair Cramer does it all in style. At the recent Cramer Women's Luncheon in NYC, I got the chance to talk to Kassie DePaiva, the Southern bombshell, who as Blair, has been scheming and loving her way through the fictional town of Llanview, PA since 1993 on ABC Daytime's One Life to Live.

DePaiva revealed to Daytime Confidential why she thinks Blair will never stop meddling in Todd (Trevor St. John) and Tea's (Florencia Lozano) relationship. She also discusses the explosive chemistry Blair has with brothers Ross (Michael Lowry) and Elijah (Matt Walton), and why Ross's personality shift "bummed her". DePaiva also talks about the cancellation of her first soap home, Guiding Light and shares once and for all what a man like Todd Manning has that keeps Blair and Tea so hot and bothered!

Daytime Confidential: Blair has given up Todd, who many would say is the love of her life, though personally, I always thought Max was; is this the last of Blair mixing it up in Todd and Tea's relationship?

Kassie De Paiva: Blair will never stop mixing it up with Todd and Tea. I do believe that she's just taking a break for a while.

DC: What makes two smart women like Blair and Tea fight over a man like Todd? Why do you think they can't get enough of him?

KD: Well we can't show it on television! Todd has something that Tea and Blair just can't get away from.

DC: It's not his checkbook? [Laughs]

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KD: Its a little bigger than his checkbook!

DC: You have amazing chemistry with both Michael Lowry and Matt Walton, who play brothers Ross and Elijah; would you like to see a real relationship played out between Blair and Eli?

KD: I think Michael Lowry did a fantastic job with what he was given with in the beginning as a surfer dude, a mellow dude, wanting to be a father to his daughter. He had potential as a schemer. I was bummed that they wrote him so... Blair can't be with a goofy, surfer guy. She likes a bad guy. I think there's potential with Eli. She can show up on the arms of a respectable guy at an event and annoy Tea.

DC: Is Blair just using Elijah to pass the time and get over Todd?

KD: I don't know. I think Blair is just going with it. We'll have to wait and see.

DC: You got your start in soaps playing Chelsea Reardon on Guiding Light. What are your thoughts on that show's cancellation?

KD: I was very sad. I think Guiding Light was just like One Life to Live, it was home. You knew it, and it was something comfortable. I worked there for four amazing years, and I loved the people that I worked with. Its not a great place to be in general for the genre, and it saddens me. I think that the traditional soaps, like they were before, are going to go away. Soap operas are not going away.

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Photo Credit: ABC/Steve Fenn