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One Life to Live Recap


Today's One Life to Live was a prime example why Tuc Watkins should be more the lead on his own show. He has such an amazing range. He did everything from pull off an ugly version of himself (loved that the actor's name was Tuc!), to his normal hijinks with Markko and Eli, to his heartfelt emotion with Dorian, and his honest anger to her firing his Pa. I just can't say enough about his acting and his skill.

Speaking of Dorian, I liked her getting into it with Blair. You can see the love the characters have for each other, even when they hate each other. Dorian is still harping on about Todd, no matter how much Blair tells her to shut up. I will be happy when the Cramer women are back together.

Blair and Elijah, dayum that was a hot number she answered the door in, but I really wish it would have been someone else at the door, like Tea and Dani or Viki, just to see the fallout. Now that they are getting busy, is someone going to catch them? Todd? Addie and the boys? Tea and Dani? I hope TPTP lets it play out, at least until one of them gets feelings for the other.

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David's lawsuit is ridiculous, but so is most of what he does. I am glad that he got Markko involved, because it adds a layer to the currently slow moving, boring story of Langston eventually sleeping with Ford. Speaking of Ford, I know some people love a shirtless, ripped guy, but seriously when does he ever wear a shirt?

I loved seeing Fish and Kyle, just being happy. Kyle's jealousy and messing with Fish was so cute. I couldn't help but laugh when Fish said firmly "I don't sleep with straight men." and Kyle replied, "Just straight women." I woke up my two-year-old I laughed so loud.

Gigi, Rex, Sky, Stacy, Greg, Rachel. Blah blah blah. This seemed like filler until the last segment, making Fish watch Stacy and his baby, while Kyle finds out it that the baby isn't Rex's. I hope he runs and tells Rex everything, but I am sure they will blackmail him and keep him quiet.