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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Please tell me that ending was for real, that Lucky really did see the horror that is Niz and that it's not one of those freaky dream sequences that Liz kept having. I wasn't expecting the reveal to be this soon. I was shocked at the soapy Friday cliffhanger.


 Now, I expect Lucky will back out quietly and pretend he didn't see what he saw. Then at some point down the road (February sweeps? May sweeps? Just before Rebecca Herbst leaves on maternity leave?), he'll confront her and she'll lie and tell him that he didn't actually see what he saw. 

What I would love to happen is for Lucky to stand there, toss the door open so hard that it bangs against the wall and have the two liars realize that they've been caught red handed. He would calmly say something like, "Am I interrupting?" and then watch them sputter as they try to explain why their tongues are down each other's throats and their hands are down each other's pants. "Lucky, I'm a nurse and I had to check Nikolas' vital signs before he left for Paris."

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I loved Lulu in sister mode and I loved Steven in brother mode. I don't like what Nikolas and Elizabeth are doing, but at least they have someone to talk to about it.

I loved both Dante and Jason trying to explain to Sonny why framing Franco isn't a good idea. It's like trying to explain sharing toys to a three year-old, "But I don't wanna."

I also loved the Carly/Michael scene and that baby Joselyn seemed absolutely fascinated by Drew Garrett and spent all her time eyeing him!

I so totally want Dante to overhear Michael mention that he killed Claudia. I want to see what Dante will do with that information, since he's been thinking it was Sonny all this time.

I had to fast forward through all the Lisa/Patrick stuff.  I couldn't take it anymore. Patrick, just because you're wife is out of town doesn't mean you should be hanging out drinking with other women. Why is Lisa so horribly disgusted by all things domestic?