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One Life to Live Recap


So, I was disappointed by this episode. There was some good acting, funny lines and a great confrontation with Mitch, but all in all, I think it kind of sucked.

For starters, the David and Ford story was done rather quickly and stupidly. I know that there is no money in Internet shows, but to have that be the way to end that was ridiculous. However, I am hoping David is done with Ford now, because even Tuc Watkins was being dragged down by this guy. I am hoping for more with his family, Kim and I hope he goes to see Viki soon.

The Markko and Langston story was just as stupid. She forced him to apologize and then dragged him away like he was a toddler who acted out in Walmart. I hope that they get it over with soon and have her sleep with Ford so that they can get them off my screen. I like the actors, but they should be supporting characters and not in a frontburner story. I am worried that they are allowing for a slow build to a summer storyline, but I hope that Ron Carlivati doesn't draw this out for six months.

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Rex asking Fish to watch over Stacy and his baby was the first time in a long time that I liked John-Paul Lavoisier's acting on this show. He seemed genuinely concerned for their well being and he trusted NO one else. Of course, that was shot all to hell when he found Stacy and Schuyler. He went right back into over the top scenery chewing. I really hope that something happens to Stacy and gets Rex out of her path. Perhaps Adrianna can come back.

Stacy and Sky are stupid for arguing about the baby in the only hospital room in Llanview. They should have known someone would walk in. I am glad that this is working out the way it is. I hope Kyle tells Fish. I want them to have their baby to raise. I can't say I have found an issue with Kish that I am worried about. They are the best couple on the canvas.

The kidnapping of Dorian was very funny, but it served no purpose. John learned what he already knows; Brody kept that nose clean like Bo told him to do and Dorian is more determined than ever to kill Mitch, even after Mel told her that would not work.

Mitch at the Buenos Dias with Charlie, Viki and her girls was the best part of the day. While Bree and Melissa were a little over the top, I still loved the way Natalie was no longer afraid of Mitch and ready to kill him again. I loved Viki trying to keep everyone under control. I hope that she gets a bigger part in the story soon, as Erika Slezak still is the best actor on that show. I have to say, Brian Kerwin is doing this out of control drunk SOO well and I believe him every time. The last moment however, was the most obvious setup and I am not looking forward to it. Dorian is going to either persuade a drunk Charlie or blackmail Charlie into killing Mitch. It's not like it would take a lot of convincing and he would probably fail, but it would lead to a real big Viki vs. Dorian showdown. Here's hoping if they go this route, that Viki gives it to Dorian good.