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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I think Jonathan Jackson just got his Emmy nomination. While I really wanted him to explode while in the room with Niz, I did appreciate that he went home first. When he first walked up to the house, he just looked so broken. I was shocked when he went crazy and started breaking everything in the house. When he started yelling at Luke, I actually had to rewind my tape because I didn't remember seeing Luke walk into the room and he hadn't, which is too bad because I think it would have made for an even more powerful scene. Where has Anthony Geary been lately? Lulu gets kidnapped and almost blown up, then Lucky's life falls apart and dear old dad is nowhere to be found in either story. It's a bad time for a vacation. 


I think Elizabeth is actually schizophrenic or has multiple personality disorder. She declares her love for Nikolas, they do the nasty, she wishes him well in Paris and hopes he'll find someone to love there. Later, she runs over to the hospital to ask Steven for the weekend off so she can go away with Lucky. I mean, that's not normal behaviour. Even worse, she goes over to Lucky's, basically fresh from Nikolas' bed.  Eeww. 

I loved Lucky being so deadly quiet with her. Let's hope that when he goes off, he rips her a new one. 

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I hated that Maxie has turned into the little mob princess and is helping Spinelli mess with the PCPD and evidence on a serious investigation. 

Maybe it's my old age, but I don't remember Sonny being at the cabin, so how could his hair have gotten there? I thought he met Michael and Jason on the side of the road somewhere and took Michael home.

The Sonny/Olivia conversation was confusing and annoying. If I have to hear one more story about Sister Mary Catherine and some crap that Olivia pulled in the five minutes that they were dating back in the day, I'm going to hurt someone. Then she ups and tells him he should leave town? Heck, why not just tell him that there's an undercover cop in his organization?

I hated everything JaSam and her pretty much enabling him to kill if that will make him feel better. UGH.