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One Life to Live Recap

Today's show was great in a lot of ways and annoying in one. Allow me to explain.


The Rex and Stacy stuff was interesting. I enjoy Rex playing this need to take care of Stacy, while not being able to stand her at the same time. I was surprised at her attitude when they first walked in as her character has never been one to wear her emotions on her sleeve. It did lead into a classic cover up that was honest and a lie at the same time.

Rex calling Fish to watch over her while he was out was understandable and then Kimmy coming over made the scenes easy to watch. If I hadn't heard about *Spoiler Alert* Crystal Hunt's Stacy leaving the show, I would think they were trying to redeem her by the love she is finally showing for this unborn child.*Spoiler Over*

Rex and Bo talking outside of Buenos Dias was nice. I always enjoy their talks together because it really feels like a father and son relationship. I am so glad Bo talked about the restraining order with Rex, but my question is does everyone else have one? If so, Charlie could do what Dorian asked with little or no consequences. (More on that later).

Bo and Nora meeting up with Viki was a little bland, but I liked when Bo got up that Viki and Nora finally had the talk that I have been waiting for. I was so glad that Viki was understanding, yet not approving. It was very passive-aggressive, which I am willing to bet is how she raised her kids.

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Speaking of, I love the Bobsey, erm...Buchanan twins going off to Dad's together just in time to see everyone's favorite "interpretive dancer." I loved how Clint strung the girls along for a while before telling them he knew what was up and that he was enjoying it.

Line of the day: "How do you two have fun?" "Do you want me to draw you a diagram?"

I laughed so hard that he said that to his daughters. Then, he kept prodding at them until they were out the door, with one more segment to make all the fans of Kim and Clint happy to see them share a romantic dessert.

The scenes with Roxy, Sky and Gigi, and Kyle and Fish were okay. I didn't fast forward, but there was nothing of substance, which is okay if you don't do that very often. Cris and Layla are an example. Sometimes they are there to be a talk to for Fish or Kyle, but other times they are the main focus of their segments, I think that is why we all love Ron Carlivati.

Line of the day #2: "Roxy you got a heart of gold." "Yeah and half a brain!"

Lastly is my annoyance. I know that soaps do murder mysteries under a traditional format. Show everyone pissed off at the upcoming victim and then it's a whodunit. However, all of the people involved are good, upstanding people. I don't want to see any of them leave the canvas. My hope is that Stacy changes her mind and pretends to get kidnapped. Mitch comes, takes the baby and gets out of dodge scot-free, but has Stacy taped to a chair. Rex races to save her and when the door opens, it triggers an audio file of gunshots and he rolls in and shoots Stacy, accidentally killing her. It would give him something great to work with and allow for a major villain to not have to come back from the dead, just come back with his apprentice in a few years or less. But that is just a theory that I have, probably won't happen.