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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I'm somewhat spoiler-free, so I don't know this for a fact, but are they setting things up so that it's Dante's hair that was found at the cabin and that's how the secret will come out? Today, Jason told Sonny that the hair "matched" his DNA, not that it was his hair. Which made me think that Dante, having some of Sonny's genes, would have similar enough DNA for someone to mistake it for Sonny's. Also, Dante went to the cabin after it burned down in order to find evidence, under the guise that he was making sure all the evidence burned away. That would explain why there would be hair found after the fire.  Which would make more sense than that Sonny's hair survived everything that happened that day.


Speaking of Dante, I just fall more and more in love with him everyday. That scene in his room with Lulu, you could clearly see that he wanted her, but pushed her away for her own good. I so wanted them to get together because it would have been a good time (unlike when they were in the back of the limo), but I totally understood why he asked her to leave, even if it wasn't what I wanted.

I loved the look on Nikolas' face when he saw that Lucky had his gun on him.  "Uh, are you on duty tonight?"  I think the prince might have wet his pants a little!  I love that Lucky is now in the driver's seat where both Nik and Liz are concerned and that it's just a matter of time before he unleashes on them. 

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I loved the Lucky/Ethan scene.  It was well played on both their parts, although I wish Lucky would have confided in him.  I wasn't happy to see Lucky take that drink though.

I loved that Ethan came to Kristina's defense again today, even though she didn't need it this time.  It's just a warning to Kiefer that she has someone in her court. 

Blooper of the day:  When Mike stomped out of The Haunted Star, he turned over a chair rather violently and both Jane Elliotand Nathan Parsons looked like they were laughing. Was it me or was the chair not supposed to go flying?

I don't understand why Jason is so worried about Franco having that picture of Michael. Yes, it's Michael standing over Claudia's body, but it doesn't show Michael hitting her and killing her. The worst it would show is that Michael was at the cabin, that Claudia died there and that SaSon lied about it.  Considering what kind of nutjob Franco is, they could argue that he photoshopped the picture to make it look the way it does.