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One Life to Live Recap

YAY!! I am so excited that Kyle is not a dumb guy. I am so glad it only took him one day to figure out that the baby could be Fish's. I was impressed with how real the emotions coming off of Oliver were. You could see six different emotions, all trying to come out (no pun intended). I hope that they confront her soon.


Kim and Nigel's back and forth was great, and Schyuler saying "he hates youuuu" was so funny. The story was very forced, and yet I loved the scenes because Amanda Settonand Scott Clifton were fantastic. They play off each other so well. I hope that if Gigi drops him like a sack of potatoes, Schyuler will become the third part of the Clint, Kim story. The sugar daddy, and the old friend. Bit of a stretch, but I think it would be worth it.

The teen's celebrating Starr's 18th Birthday (which I was surprised to learn is actually her accurate age, she apparently was never SORAS'd) was cute and I liked the little interactions. I liked Cole and Starr teasing Markko and Langston respectively on how loud they were.

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Line of the day: "Dude, I think they heard you in Pine Valley."

What a classic throwaway line to the sister soap. but I like that this is where the Ford problem comes in. I especially like that she is talking about it to her "cousin" who is currently living out a red shoe diary in Llanview. I found that particularly ironic.

Speaking of Blair, how funny was it to watch her and Eli pretend to be talking about legal stuff, when Todd heard them last night! I love that he was ok with it and that he told her to just be happy, and then moped back to the couch.

Stacy and Rex talking about wills was boring to me. I can't imagine who they would agree on.

Finally Tea and Danielle are back and apparently staying with Rachel and Schyuler. I don't get it, I just go with it. I am so glad that at least OLTL has smart characters, and that Dani figured out to just google Todd. It will be interesting to see exactly what she gets.