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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I'm still loving everything Lante. I loved that Lulu was so upset at Dante’s rejection yesterday that she was crying herself to sleep and that he overheard her telling Maxie and felt bad about it. I loved that he wanted to make her feel better by telling her those bad pick up lines. I loved that she confided in Maxie and he confided in Johnny how they really feel about each other. Now, here’s hoping the fallout from the Sonny stuff doesn’t ruin them before they get started. 


I hated that Spixie are back to the same old, same old about sleeping with a celebrity. I'm glad to see Diane shut that down for Spinelli.

I loved the Lulu/Carly scene. I found it odd that when Jax suggested Lucky, Carly was totally against it, as if Lucky is a stranger. Yet, she went out and asked his sister. It was a sweet scene though.

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Someone should remind wardrobe that Port Charles is in upstate New York. It's mid-January and Maxie shouldn’t be walking around in a spaghetti strap dress.

I loved Diane’s reaction to Jason’s new apartment. I was glad that Jason finally confided in Diane, although I felt it’s too little too late. I was surprised that Carly didn’t mention the apartment as well, when she first walked in.

I loved seeing Sam out of Jason’s apartment and interacting with her sister. I thought hair and makeup did a bang up job on Kristina because she looked radiant today.

I hated everything Patrick and Lisa and this competition they’re setting up between them.

I loved seeing the Q's, complete with the bickering. I also like that new blood is coming to town. Question though, how old are the Ward girls supposed to be?