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General Hospital Spoilers!

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I’m all caught up on GH and ready to dish! First, welcome back Jonathan Jackson! I know he’s been back for a bit now and I know most GH fans are happy the original recipe Lucky Spencer returned to his Port Chuck roots but for me, there has been something lacking. The topic was discussed on a recent ABC Podcast and I just have to say that the Lucky who is all cracked out after seeing Elizabeth and Nikolas together is the JJ I’ve been waiting for. My roomie and I were discussing this very topic last night and some of you may remember that she is a HUGE Greg Vaughan fan but even she admitted after those scenes, she would have liked to see Jackson take on Lucky’s addiction the first go around.

Look for Lucky to not hide his addiction this go around. He’s telling Lulu that he’s fallen off the wagon today. RUMORS have Lulu and Dominic trying to pick him up and dust him off. Can they? Nikolas and Elizabeth will get a piece of his mind but will it be a clear head or a cloudy drunken mess? Can Lucky continue to play Daddy in his current state? SPOILERS say Elizabeth is melting down at work but I’m not sure Liz fans should get their panties in a bunch just yet. The nurse MAY break but she shouldn’t be headed to Shadybrook.

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Everyone’s a fan of Lante and I must admit whenever Lulu’s newly paired up, I’m usually on board. This time around though, I think they finally found something. It’s going to be push and pull for these two as we’ve already seen a little of this week. Lulu admitted she loves Dominic to Maxie will Dominic tell Lulu he loves her too? Dominic’s sitting on a HUGE secret and Lulu is right smack in the middle of it all not to mention her own family drama. Is there just too much going on for this new couple to pull through it all? Will tragedy pull them apart or bring them closer?

What tragedy? Michael knows Dominic is an undercover cop and with Sweeps upon us, Dominic’s true identity is set to be revealed. What better way to say “Sonny it’s a boy” then to have Sonny shoot his own flesh and blood. Does Sonny ever do his own dirty work? One RUMOR has Sonny putting a hit out on the undercover cop. At first Sonny doesn’t believe Michael, Dominic’s been a loyal soldier to the organization. Jason digs deep into Dominic’s background (Shouldn’t that have been done already? Is the amateur mob hour?) which leads to Sonny confronting Dominic. Twenty bucks says the word betrayal is in that script. I’ve got another twenty that Dante needs blood or something from a biological relative that reveals his true parentage. Too typical? How would you like to see it all unfold? Let's think out of the soap box here people!

Does Carly tell Jason to go after Jake? Will Jason actually mention his son? RUMOR has it that Jason worries Jake will grow up to hate him one day. Uh, you did kind of abandon him. With Lucky not living up to his end of the deal, you know the part where he was supposed to stay clean, what is Jason supposed to do now? It looks like Jason still wants Lucky to raise Jake as his own. Will Lucky feel the same way?

CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… Another Kiefer abusive explosion? Robin and Steven are on Team Liz while Patrick and Lisa are not happy with the nurse. Just how far are they taking Elizabeth “over the edge?” Like I said, I wouldn’t plan any visits to Shadybrook but this COULD be a way to make LL2 work. Lucky MAY be the one holding her hand in the end. Let’s not forget about the Ward’s that were mentioned yesterday. One of the Ward girls MAY be tested with Lucky. One is RUMORED to be for Michael (obviously the one that isn’t related to him). What has Olivia done now? Does Agent Rayner have something to do with it? It has Johnny saying bye bye. Robin offers Nikolas some friendly advice, stay clear of Elizabeth. Nikolas wants to make things with Liz happen. Dr. Lisa performs surgery on Mike? Loan Sharks are tough dudes Mike Corbin. An arrest warrant for Sonny Corinthos is issued. Dominic is shot before it can be executed. It doesn’t take long before the pieces of the puzzle start to fit together. Will Olivia be ready for the fallout from her son and his father?