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Kin Shriner Talks Gotham

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Kin Shriner is a busy man these days. In addition to appearing on Martha Byrne'sGotham he also did two new interviews, one with We Love Soaps' Roger Newcomb and one with TV Guide Canada'sNelson Branco, about his time on the web series brimming with soap stars.

We Love Soaps

We Love Soaps: You were here in New York City taping GOTHAM during a blizzard. Did you have any trouble getting in and out of the city?

Kin Shriner: I got on the wrong subway out of Brooklyn and got lost, but other than that it was a wonderful experience. It was snowing and Christmas in New York. Once I got back to Manhattan, it was good. By the time I left the snow had subsided and I flew right out of there without a hitch.

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TV Guide Canada

TVG: Jon debuted earlier this week. What’s the 411 on your latest on-screen invention?

KS: Jon is trying to get closer to his ex-wife, Catherine. He’s constantly on her doorstep asking for attention and money. [And not necessarily in that order.] Catherine’s not in love with Jon but she still considers him a part of her family. Unfortunately, Jon has boundary issues. He’s like an old family dog. I think the role — and their [untraditional] relationship — is a lot of fun to watch.