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Former OLTL Staffer Creates Raunchy Web Series, Secrets!

This looks scandalous! Damian Tracy, a one-time One Life to Live intern and fill-in writers' assistant has created a fun, scandalous web series called Secrets. The independent sudser revolves around "a fallen soap writer, a mafia princess, and serial killer who preys on gay college students." See second part of the pilot after the jump.

According to Tracy— who also stars as Donovan Kendall, former head writer of Days of Our Children, who was fired after having an affair with his soap's male lead— taking traditional soap opera plots and giving them a gay spin is what sets Secrets apart.

"I wanted to create a show that I wanted to watch," says Tracy, "and while gay characters and storylines are popping up on the traditional soaps, they are never the focal point. I wanted to see a classic soap format with a gay slant. That's what I hoped for this show to be. I started by taking my original character, Donovan Kendall, having him outted in a scandalous affair with a soap hunk and took it from there."

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Secrets made its debut on Drexel University's cable channel when Tracy was still a student there in the 90's. In 2008, Tracy revised his original concept, gayed it up and took it to the web in 2009. Check out episodes 1-10 at, I know will!