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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I wasn't happy with Lucky going over to Jason's and basically telling him all the evidence he has in the Claudia case. First off, why was it necessary to pre-warn Jason? Whose side is Lucky on? And secondly, by telling Jason that Maxie is a witness, doesn't than endanger Maxie's life? Although, I will give Jonathan Jackson credit for having Lucky seem so wild and bewildered in that scene. It was almost like he had ants crawling under his skin.

I loved that Ethan called Lulu and told her his suspicions about Lucky. I love that despite the animosity, Ethan is looking out for his new brother. I loved the Lulu/Lucky scene and that he admitted so quickly that he was drinking. I was hoping he'd tell her the truth about Niz, but I guess that's still to come. I also loved that Luke finally showed up at the end, but I do wonder what Anthony Geary has done to his hair!

I hated that Nikolas actually suggested to Liz that Lulu would keep their secret. Leave poor Lulu out of your disgusting lies.

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I still hate everything Lisa and Patrick.This couple seems awfully annoying. I don't like it when extras are given more screen time than some of my favorites. This boyfriend who wants to dump his girlfriend for possibly being wheelchair-bound when he caused the accident is getting on my last nerve. I get that there is somehow going to be a parallel with Lisa and Patrick, but I don't care enough about Lisa to want to know what it is.

There were interesting scenes with Dante and Sonny, Michael and Sonny, as well as Dante, Michael and Sonny.  Sonny was ready to bestow his legacy to Dante, who clearly won't want it, but has to play it like he does.  Michael was pissed that Dante is an interloper, while Sonny is trying hard to make Michael see that he wants a better life for him. It was well done all around.

I loved the limited Q scene and their interaction with Carly.

Funny line of the day:

Morgan: "Has anyone told you, you look like The Dominator?"

Alice: "I get that a lot."