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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers

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Victor: The family reunion and togetherness ends for the patriarch when they shun him (that didn't take long).

Ashley: She starts to have flashbacks of the night she fell down the stairs.

Gloria: She tries to strike a alliance with Jack (tell her to kick rocks Jack!).

Daisy: The pyro sets up Lauren.

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Victor/Nick/Adam: The Newmans, along with Jack, have a meeting to plot how to steal Chancellor Industries from Tucker. Victor wants his boys to come up with an idea and Adam pitches a better one than Nick. Victor prefering Adam's proposal makes the younger Newman feel he's finally being valued by his father. Nick is pissed Pops chose Adam's plan over his. Victor tells the feuding siblings to cork their animosity and pay attention to Newman, especially Adam. Later, the Newman men have a showdown over Adam and Sharon where Adam gets heated and tells his father and brother off. Victor in turn gets fed up and lets Adam know he doesn't trust him and never will.

Daisy/Lauren: The firebug teen hustles her way into staying at Michael and Lauren's by lying about being nearly date-raped by someone at her dorm. Lauren's mysterious headaches continue while Daisy lives with them, along with her moodiness. Lauren chalks it all up to the stress of Ryder. The department store heiress gets Daisy settled in by having her bunk in Eden's room. Daisy conveniently asks Lauren for a place to store her stuff, due to Eden's desk already having things inside. Lauren clears out the desk when Daisy leaves. She discovers a folder stuffed with newspaper clippings all about Lauren, including her legendary feud with with Sheila Carter! Lauren also comes across a receipt for a pet store where a rat was purchased, leading her to the conclusion that Eden has been the one tormenting her!

She's crushed and pissed with this new "revelation" and brings it to Michael's attention. Fortunately, Michael isn't buying Lauren's theory about his kid sister behind the entire thing, and the two have a huge fight. The legal eagle's anger stems not only from Lauren accusing Eden of the misdeeds, but for having Daisy stay with them without getting his input. Daisy shouldn't get too comfy, Michael starts to wonder what the real deal is behind the "orphan."