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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Now that is what a Friday cliffhanger should be! I knew the Niz reveal was going to happen, but I was shocked about the Dante reveal. When Dante said the words to Johnny and Michael actually overheard, I actually screamed out loud. But seriously Dante, stop airing your personal secrets in public on the docks for the world to hear!


There were good Luke and Lucky scenes. Luke told him he caught Niz kissing and went to both of them seperately, which did nothing. Lucky apologized to Luke for treating him like crap for weeks. Tracy showed up and realized why Luke left this time and absolved him of it. 

I loved the scared look on Elizabeth's face as Lucky walked in and she started to realize something serious was about to fall onto her. 

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Line of the day:

Lucky:"You don't love me Elizabeth, otherwise you wouldn't be screwing my brother behind my back."

There were also good Michael and Sonny scenes. I hate when Michael tries to manipulate things by saying "you're ashamed of me because I'm brain damaged." I get why he does it, but I hate it everytime. Sonny falls into the trap, gets sidetracked and doesn't put his foot down regarding Michael never being a part of the business. 

I hate that Maxie was more than willing to lie to protect the mobbed ones. It was an interesting development having Mac show up to question her. I didn't see that coming. 

I loved Lulu being upset, thinking she drove Lucky to alcohol. I loved Dante looking like he wanted to comfort her, but couldn't.

Is it Monday yet?