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One Life to Live Recap

Sorry to all who have been wondering where I was. My son was in the hospital, but he is ok now, so I am back.


Friday's episode was pretty decent. I had been expecting more from a couple of different scenes, but overall, it was still good. Let's get to it.

First the Brody going after Mitch story was dumb. Brody has been around McBain and the Buchanan family since Mitch came back. Has he not learned from any of them, that Mitch anticipates reaction and that's how he gets his way. Mitch knew that Jessica wouldn't come to the docks, that's why he insulted Brody in the letter, to goad him to come more. I am happy that Mitch's plan didn't completely work out, as Brody got away. However, arresting John, again, is getting old.

ADD Moment: Whoever plays Stan Lowell does a fantastic job, I really believe him as a sleazy puppet. I hate the character about as much as I love the evil grandeur Roscoe Born plays as Mitch.

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Next was the Jessica and Viki scenes at Llanfair. I was excited for a split second at the beginning of the episode when it looked like Viki was mad enough to spit nails, but then she went over into depressed and then into mom modes. I have been watching for over a year and have never seen Viki more perturbed than with Dorian. I know that she is amazing at playing angry, as I have seen the YouTube videos when she chews out David Vickers. I hope that she gets to do that to Dorian soon, like when she finds out what Dorian tried to get Charlie to do.

Jessica, on the other hand, was her frantic and annoying self. I like her when she is happy, but when she is worried or sad, I find her hard to deal with and I am never sure if it is the writing or Bree Williamson. Whatever the case, I have a hard time believing that Stacy is tougher than Jessica. How could that nurse overpower Jessica, who looks like she could take Stacy out, when Stacy was able to stick the nurse instead of herself?

Todd and Tea trying to find Daniella was definitely not as interesting as it has been in the past, but it was still good. The argument with Lowell was funny, but ultimately useless. The only thing that came out of that scene for me was the ending when they said they loved each other.

Langston, Markko and Ford were actually okay. I liked that Ford finally stopped beating around the bush and came on to her, now that she's legal. I liked that Langston was so flustered that she didn't know what to say to him. Markko is still jealous and clueless, but with the kiss happening by the bathroom, hopefully he'll figure it out soon. Do you think that Markko will walk over and see them or will Langston pull away and slap Ford? Or both?

The best of the day for me was the newly discovered sisters, Daniella and Starr. Having Matthew tell her was interesting to me, but worked out great. I liked that Starr had no clue what to do in a couple of different spots. In a storyline like this, which is fairly unrealistic in real life, that was written and acted really realistically. Can you imagine being Cole, while Dani was describing the rape? Brandon Buddyplayed the controlled anger perfectly. I think he stole a few scenes today. In the next to the last scene, where Starr was describing to Dani the good that Todd has in him, Cole was sitting behind her, rolling his eyes. I laughed very hard when I saw that. I am glad that by the end of today, Dani at least was acting like she was happy to have a sister, and was excited to meet her niece.