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One Life to Live Spoilers

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I hope everybody out there is ready for some great One Life to Live spoilers. A kidnapping, a secret and a stolen kiss turn things upside down in Llanview. Get ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of January 25th.


Todd/Tea/Danielle/Starr: Todd and Tea's search for Danielle ends when they find her safely at Starr's. They both try to talk to her, but Danielle only wants to speak to Tea. Tea attempts to explain to Danielle why she loves Todd so much, but Danielle doesn't want to hear it. Danielle coldly tells Tea she never wants anything to do with Todd. Todd overhears their conversation and is crushed by his daughter's attitude toward him. In order to keep Danielle in one place, Todd and Tea ask Starr to let her sister stay with her. Starr agrees and tells Todd to give Danielle some time to open up to him. Meanwhile, Tea lets Danielle know she registered her for classes at Llanview High. Will Starr and Danielle be able to get along?

Stacy/Schuyler/Fish: Stacy manages to manipulate Schuyler into getting the oxytocin she needs to induce labor and continue her scheme to fool Rex. However, Schuyler has a few conditions for Stacy before he hands over the drugs. He demands that Stacy make him the guardian of the child and that he will administer the oxytocin when the time comes. Stacy agrees to his terms for the time being. Later on, Stacy has fend off Fish when he asks her about the baby's paternity. Let's just say Stacy ends up faking going into labor. When will Stacy's secret come out?

Charlie/Dorian: Dorian and Charlie have secret meetings to discuss just how they will kill Mitch Laurence. Dorian informs Charlie that they will use Stacy to get close to Mitch. Will Charlie and Dorian's plan succeed?

Natalie/Marty: Natalie's therapy session with Marty starts off well, but takes a hard left turn when the women begin discussing John McBain. Later, Marty admits to Dr. Levin that she fears John and Natalie are getting a little too close to each other. Meanwhile, Natalie promises to break John out of jail. Just how worried should Marty be about John and Natalie's old feelings coming back?

Bo/Nora: Bo and Nora take Shane and Bree to Asa's ranch in Texas to protect them from Mitch.

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Blair/Langston/Ford: Ford and Langston are busted by Blair as they kiss. Blair decides to give Ford a piece of her mind after her discovery. How long will it be before Ford and Langston move to the next level?

Clint/Kim: Kim almost seduces Clint.

Jessica's Kidnapping: There are so many characters involved in this story, it has to have its own title. Jessica wakes up in Mitch's hideaway to find Mitch staring at her. He informs her of his plan to force her to raise Stacy's baby because the child is "the chosen one." Jessica is horrified to learn about Mitch's intentions. However, before Jessica can tell Mitch what to do with his plan, she starts to feel the effects of whatever crazy Nurse Charles used to knock her out. She soon passes out, but not before telling Mitch she will never forget what he plans to do.

Meanwhile, news of Jessica's kidnapping breaks out in Llanview. Everyone wants to help Viki, Natalie, Brody and company find Jessica. Brody is hot on Mitch's trail but needs some help from John to save Jessica. Side note: Why does John always have to save everybody? Anyway, Brody and John manage to come up with a dangerous scheme to get John out of jail. Will Brody and John's plan work?

Sneak Peeks at Next Week (February 1):

  • A blizzard hits Llanview.
  • Schuyler wants to come clean.
  • Kim lets Rex know Stacy is in danger.
  • Stacy tells Mitch the truth about her baby.
  • A multi-car accident injures many Llanview residents.
  • Stacy's life is on the line.