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Days of our Lives Spoilers with February Sweeps!

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Hope/Bo: Fancy Face threatens to snatch Ciara from Bo.


Kate: She has a showdown with Carly concerning Melanie and Vivian.

Rafe/Sami: The couple have a huge fight over the ransom notes. Sami tries to apologize for what she did, but Rafe is upset she's keeping things from him that can help find Sydney. He feels as though Sami's not trusting him after all they've been through. Gabi stops by to have a chat with her big brother and heads out. Sami goes over to the DiMera's and gets comfort from EJ and Rafe happens to spot them together. 

Rafe starts to wonder if EJ's using the kidnapping as an advantage to get closer to Sami. Rafe tells the two he doesn't have any new clues on Sydney's whereabouts which crushes Sami prompting her to blurt out she doesn't feel he'll bring her little girl back. Later Rafe and Sami head home where they have another fight and she tells him its tough for her to be around him which prompts Rafe to move out. EJ bumps into Rafe and spots his back and he finds out Rafe's moved out. EJ empathizes with Rafe and his dilemma but when he leaves, EJ smirks to himself. 

EJ/Arianna: The two have a close moment.

Stefano: He starts to wonder if EJ's the one behind Sydney's kidnapping. Later, he's pissed to learn that EJ and Sami are getting closer to each other.

Stephanie: She seeks out her Uncle Justin for help.

Nathan: He makes a huge error.

Melanie: She lets it be known that Philip's the one who's in her heart and not Nathan. However, she's upset when Nathan brushes her off.

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Vivian/Melanie/Carly: Madame Alamain lights a fire under Gus to find out what the connection is between Carly and Melanie. Vivian then takes matters into her own hands and does some digging herself and questions Melanie on her family. Vivian strikes out with getting information from her when Philip intrudes on them. Vivian decides to leave her be since she cares for the young Kiriakis heir and knows he's crazy for Melanie. Victor comes by and Vivian starts to fill him in on her suspicions, but he shoots them down. All Victor cares about is having Carly removed and wants Vivian to stay on the original scheme. Later, Vivian visits with Maggie and continues to get dirt when Gus calls. He lets her know Melanie's birthday is the exact one of Carly's missing daughter and fills her in with more information. Vivian tells Victor about her discovery and he wants her to abort their mission since it will destroy Melanie and, in turn, hurt Philip.

Victor lets her know if Melanie's harmed she'll get got herself! Vivian backs off, but starts to rethink things when Lawrence's ghost turns up. He starts to bug his aunt on getting revenge on Carly, causing her to be in quite the predicament. If she hurts Melanie, she will hurt Philip, but Vivian wants to honor Lawrence. Vivian lets Victor know she's back on with her plan to kill Melanie and mentions Lawrence paying her a visit. Victor starts to wonder if Viv's losing it and starts to mock her by talking to Lawrence himself! He lets Vivian know Melanie's protected by him and she feigns agreement, but meets with Gus later where they plot to kill Melanie, with Carly viewing it all. It sucks to be Carly!

Carly/Melanie: The two get close when Carly tends to Melanie's hand injury.

Maggie: She, along with Melanie, go through Mickey's things once they arrive from his office. Melanie heads out with some of his stuff for charity when Maggie comes across Christmas gifts Mickey received. Inside is a bottle of scotch and Maggie wrestles with taking a drink or staying true to her sobriety. She empties the bottle down the drain and calls her sponsor. Unfortunately for Maggie, Nathan comes home and sees the empty bottle and assumes she's back to drinking again.

Bo/Hope: The Brady's bump into each other at the pub where Hope breaks a sailboat she bought for Ciara. The little girl keeps asking about the time her parents sailed around the world and Hope thought it would be sweet to buy her a toy sailboat. The two then discuss Carly where Hope charges Bo lied to her about the good doctor and what really transpired between the two. Hope tells Bo she knows he cares for Carly and he doesn't deny or own up to anything, which proves Hope's case. The two fight over the drama they've endured in the previous months and Hope lays into Bo. He offers to replace the broken sailboat for Ciara, but Hope shoots down the idea saying she can replace it easily just like he did with her.

Hope leaves and talks with Justin, who fills her in on his conversation with Carly. He lets her know Carly isn't ashamed at what happened between her and Bo even though Carly's been pushing Bo to reconcille with Hope. A fired up Hope goes off to have a showdown with Carly. Carly then turns the tables on Hope by bringing up the time she spent raising Shawn when Hope was missing. Hope offers her thanks for all she did when she was kidnapped and remarks it was a shame she didn't marry the boy back then, but decided to go off with Lawrence and his money. Bo breaks the two up and sticks up for Carly which blows Hope away.

February Sweeps

Rafe/Sami/EJ: EJ starts to fall for Sami once again (shocker, NOT!) which throws him for a loop. Rafe and Sami still love each other and are a couple, but EJ's feelings for Sami will be a factor in the storyline. Meanwhile, Sydney's clothes are found covered in blood in the Salem River and the police declare she's dead. Keep in mind that EJ's the man behind the entire plan with Anna and he wants the little girl all to himself.

Hope/Bo/Carly: Fancy Face discovers Carly's secret, while Bo and Carly get closer. Dr. Manning has one more secret about Melanie which will shock many. Both Carly and Hope's lives are in jepoardy.

Daniel/Chloe: The couple find out Chloe's pregnant.

Philip/Melanie: All hell breaks loose during the wedding. Vivian's determined to get revenge on Carly by using Melanie to do it. Lots of finger pointing will take place once this plan is executed. The wedding has a stunning, violent end. Meanwhile, Melanie writes Ethan a letter letting him know how she feels about him.