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General Hospital Spoilers!

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What a way to kick off Sweeps by having Sonny shoot his son! I know, it’s GH and Sweeps tends to start around someone getting shot or kidnapped but I for one am ready for this secret to be out and in the open. We all thought having Luke Spencer’s son become a cop was a slap in the face well Sonny Corinthos’s son being the undercover cop sent in to take the mobster down has actually been a story I enjoy. I probably give about eighty-five percent of the credit to Dominic Zamprogna simply because I think he’s the break out star of 2009. The other fifteen percent? It’s a combo of Lulu and Dante being created out of this and watching Michael go up against Dominic these past few days. Luke Kerr hates Michael the self righteous brat, despite loving Drew Garrett the actor (which is a true testament to this kid’s talent) but I love the ground work being set for these two brothers to really go at it after the reveal.

It takes a bullet wound to her son's chest for Olivia to finally tell her secret. Thank you! I don’t mind secrets as they are part of soaps but I cannot stand the long drawn out secret. In this instance, it fit the storyline since Dominic was undercover, so I rolled with it but I am happy it is finally coming out. What’s next for the newly expanded Corinthos Family? Dominic is ready to slap the cuffs on Sonny but wants to wait until after Josslyn is christened.

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Before the shooting that gives Sonny another son… Michael goes to Jax when Sonny won’t take his warnings seriously. What will Jax say to his step-son about the undercover cop he already knows about? How long will that secret stay under wraps?

Remember, Jason and Sonny will already be looking into Dominic despite not really listening to Michael. I mentioned that Sonny might be ordering a hit. It looks like he sends Dominic out on a “job” that’s supposed to go wrong. When Dominic is late to the christening, Lulu and Olivia start to worry. Since Lulu’s the godmother, is that why only Olivia is seen in the promo with her shot son? After the shooting, Jason wants Sonny to not just skip town, but the country. Olivia is not happy when Sonny is the one who tells Dante he’s his daddy. Can we officially call him Dante now? Here’s a kicker, will Dante remember Sonny telling him the big news? RUMORS say he thinks it was all a dream. Sorry Dante, not a dream, he is your father and Dante is not happy with Olivia for lying to him. RUMOR has though that both Olivia and Dante cover for dear old dad.

The Kiefer-Kristina-Ethan mess... We had some questions in the last post so I did some digging into the matter. Here’s what I found out. Kristina decides it’s time to break things off with Kiefer but when she tries to do just that, things don’t go so well. Along comes Ethan and both he and Kiefer are caught with an out cold Kristina. SPOILERS say it’s Kiefer who convinces Kristina to lay the blame at Ethan’s feet and they go on to say that it’s Sam who does not buy the story Kristina is selling. Both Ethan and Kiefer are suspects in what happened until Kiefer works his abusive boyfriend magic.

The Q’s are getting some house guests which we the fans are hoping translates into screen time. Could we get more Quartermaine connected characters coming to Port Chuck? Who would you like to see come to town and which Quartermaine would you like to see them connected to? Comment away!

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Spouses should share secrets, right? Robin is not happy that Patrick didn’t share with her that Olivia birthed Sonny’s son. Luke shows some fatherly concern for his kids. He’s worried about Lulu dating the godfather’s son. Could Lucky not care that Elizabeth is handling their breakup well? Previous RUMORS had this as a way for them to get back together. Is this a classic case of things must get worse before they can get better? Does Michael confess to Claudia’s murder to his siblings? Sam MAY have a way to help Sonny and RUMORS say she MAY be stealing the weapon used to shoot Dante from the PCPD. Will one of the youngsters come down with an illness? RUMOR has it that Sam McCall could be remembering something unpleasant. Will Morgan continue to be close to Dante? Sam MAY be officially moving back into the penthouse. Elizabeth COULD be getting suspended from GH after another mistake. Will Jason be a witness to her meltdown? Jax will admit to Carly that he had something to do with the case against Sonny. Is that the beginning of the end for Carly and Jax?