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Jillian's B&B Spoilers with February Sweeps!

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Sandy: She finds out who her attacker was, and along with Nick she has a showdown with him. The police bust him. Sandy's relief is short-lived as her pregnancy is in jeopardy due to the stress she's been under.

Nick/Bridget: He clues Mrs. Marone in on what's been happening. Bridget is not pleased about her husband keeping secrets, and wonders about his dedication to their marriage. Later, Bridget has a confrontation with Sandy, and has startling mandate.

Ridge/Brooke: The couple apologize to Hope for the remarks they made. Steffy too apologizes for her actions towards her. Ridge and Brooke hope the family can heal.

Hope: She goes over to Graham's place for a party, and is taken to the hospital after being saved from the photog.

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February Sweeps

Steffy/Bill/Katie: Dollar Bill and Steffy steal more kisses, while Katie is blissfully unaware. Steffy is still hellbent on returning Forrester Creations back to her family which leads for her to partake in aggressive actions. Watch for the fallout from the heiress's misdeeds to have serious repercussions for The Logans and Forresters, along with Bill and Grandma Stephanie.

Taylor/Ridge/Brooke/Whip: Look for the mama's boy to be caught in the middle of Brooke and Taylor's feud because of the drama at Forrester Creations. Whip and Taylor's budding romance is in danger also due to her issues with Ridge and Brooke. The new face of Forrester Creations, along with Whip's focus at Jackie M, places Whip and Taylor's interest in peril.

Donna/Eric/Stephanie: The current Mrs. Forrester's devotion to her sisters causes strain on her marriage. Eric starts to think of his previous relationship with Stephanie and how things were so laid back, and less chaotic.

Sandy/Nick/Bridget: Mrs. Marone finds out everything about Sandy including her real name and her husband's involvement in having her attacker brought to justice. Bridge is crushed over Nick keeping mum about everything which causes the newfound faith she had in him start to crumble. Tension will occur between the Marones and Sandy and even more problems take place when Sandy starts to have feelings for Nick. Nick tries to play peacemaker with Bridget and Sandy and something unexpected happens.

Owen/Jackie: Mr. Knight's cool with not having a child with Jackie on the surface, but it still troubles him deep down. Watch for Owen's sorrow in not having a child to bring some startling things out in the open.