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Jillian's Y&R February Sweeps Spoilers

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Victor/Tucker/Katherine/Jack/Adam: Smilin' Jack and Mr. Mumbles go to war yet again, but at the center of it all is our favorite "I'm blind-but-not-really" psychopath Adam. The black sheep Newman stirs up a whirlwind of trouble for daddy dearest and his former writing buddy. Adam better watch out, Victor and Jack decide to put their differences aside to team up! The rivals also band together to take on Tucker. Look for a surprise development to take place making things a bit difficult for all the players in this storyline. Katherine's going to experience lots of stunning and startling occurrences with Tucker and Chancellor. A hostile takeover in business becomes one in the matters of the heart as well.

Ashley/Adam/Sharon: Mr. Wilson/Newman's world is starting to get boxed in and people start to wonder about him, especially the only two people in his corner, Sharon and Ashley. Look for the truth to start seeping out once the women start to put things together.

Patty/Jack/Emily: The happy couple set Valentine's Day as the one to say "I do," and unbeknownst to them and anyone else, Patty's in the loop of it all. We all know how she gets when Jack's involved and we see how far she'll go to get her man.

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