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One Life to Live Recap


Today's episode was decent however, I am increasingly hoping for the death of a character. I'll explain later.

Once again, Daniella, Starr and the surrounding cast were great today. I really liked how everyone was so blunt. Whether it was Cole retorting about Tea and Blair not liking each other as an understatement, or Dani blurting out "I am being such a b*tch." The actors were really in these scenes. I love that Starr offered up her place for Dani to stay, as long as they called her mother. It was a very mature thing to think of for an 18 year-old. I was happy to see Todd give Dani space and not force his way into the apartment. Some will say that the real Todd would never do that and to that I say that the real Todd would never get a chance to know her. I like the direction that his character is taking. I had a hard time when Markko and Langston came in and it was this is my sister and then instantly back to playing video games, but whatever.

Speaking of Markko and Langston, their storyline should have been in June, when the teens are watching. This is boring to me and I am only 27. I find Markko an idiot, Langston a tramp and Ford a douche. I like them as side characters, supporting Cole, Starr, Dorian and Blair. My issue with them is that it seems like a high school story, without the sets. I did however love Blair nailing Ford. I wonder how far they'll take this. I would think that a Blair/Elijah/Ford triangle would melt my TV.

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Brody learned that hindsight is 20/20 by realizing everything I said he should have realized on Friday. He redeemed himself to me today by helping Viki and then getting in to talk to John under the guise of booking him. I hope that when this all plays out, that he stays off the force and joins Rex's private eye firm. That would be much more fun.

Todd and Viki, wow what a pair. Just in the smallest of discussions or the biggest of issues, they play perfectly together as brother and sister. I get the feeling we will see another half day, if not a full day, of them discussing their lives.

Now I get to the character I would like to see off my screen. I am referring to the therapy session. While the character of Marty, now that the rapemance is over, is a bit of a wet blanket, Natalie is down right ridiculous. First, the outbursts at Marty for telling her what any shrink would. Second, the over the top reaction to her mom telling her Jessica is gone. Finally, the hug to tell John that she is busting him out so be ready. Seriously, why is she busting John out? Let him go honey. I know that they are one of the show's most popular couples according to the magazines, but I hate them together. They are like peanut butter and ketchup, okay on their own, but together, not good at all.