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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Ok, so I was wrong. Last week, I said one of the episodes was the one that Jonathan Jackson should submit for his Emmy. Clearly, today's episode should be the one he submits and wins.


Talk about raw passion and emotion. It was all there. Anger, sadness, heartbreak and disappointment. I also think Rebecca Herbst did a bang up job. The fear, the desperation and the lies to try to save her hide.

By contrast, Tyler Christopher spent the episode looking like he was mentally reading the ingredients on a bottle of ketchup, except for a brief moment when he had a line of water coming down his face. It was as if suddenly the make up department realized that he needed to look invested and pulled out the bottle of Visine.

Lines of the day:

Elizabeth: “I love you Lucky.”

Lucky: “You don’t do this to someone you love.”

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Elizabeth: “I don’t think we should do this while you’re drunk.”

Lucky: “WHO CARES. Drunk, sober, sober, drunk. Who cares.”

While I hated the idea of Carly showing up in this story, I really did laugh when she appeared at the moment that she did. Talk about the one time you don’t want your mortal enemy to show up! I loved that she got out of there as quickly as she could though, but I hated that she ran to Jason with the knowledge. And really, if infidelity was the point where they take kids away, I’m pretty sure she’d no longer have custody of Morgan or Michael. People in glass houses and all that.

Funny line of the day:

Lucky to Carly:
“I’ll be there. But I don’t think Elizabeth or Nikolas will be there, because they’ll probably be rutting like farm animals.”

I loved the final Lucky and Luke scene. Luke was drinking his coffee, listening to Lucky and then finally, he cut him off from the booze.

I hated Sam and Diane trying to prevent Maxie from telling Mac the truth.

I loved Lulu’s reaction to hearing the news from Nikolas, especially since she’d spent the day finding out about Al-Anon meetings for Lucky. I’m hoping she actually smacks Nik in the face for his lies.