Oh NO, not YET! It's the Season One Finale of Buppies!


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You know that feeling you get when you've just finished a really good novel, or had really good sex? You feel affirmed. Connected. That's how I feel right now after seeing how BET.com's brilliant premiere web series Buppies wrapped its first season. Fresh Prince of Belair and The Young and the Restless star Tatyana Ali did the work of her acting career as Hollywood princess Quinci, in this amazingly drawn season finale of Buppies from the creative mind of Julian Breece.

Mad props to Breece, his producing partner Aaliyah Williams, Ali, her producing partner/sister Anastasia Ali and the entire Buppies cast and crew for making this past 10 weeks so doggone enjoyable!  If the Soap Gods are listening, I will make any sacrifice necessary— even Daytime Confidential publisher Luke Kerr's Battlestar Galactica DVD's— to see this show come back for a second season, preferably in primetime!