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Y&R's Stephen Nichols on Tucker vs. Kay: "I Am Going to Get Her"

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On Air On Soaps'

Michael Fairman

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The Young and the Restless'

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Stephen Nichols

on what viewers can expect with Tucker's plot for long lost mama Katherine Chancellor (

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MICHAEL: So we can safely assume that the conflict and confrontations between Katherine Chancellor and her son, Tucker, will continue? He is out for revenge on his mother!

STEPHEN: Yes, he is out for revenge on his mother. I mean any kid that was put in an orphanage at birth, and whose mother put him there and never looked back, would feel resentful of that. So yeah, I am going to get her.

Nichols also mentions if Tucker's truly smitten with Genoa City's own badgirl, Jill Abbott (Jess Walton).

MICHAEL: Is Tucker a ‘playa’?

STEPHEN: Oh yes, Tucker is a player. I can give you a little tidbit. One night, Tucker gets a knock at the door and it’s Jill, and he was not expecting her. Tucker is trying to get rid of her the whole time she is standing there, and at the end of the scene, once he finally gets her out of the door, a 20-something year old comes out of his bedroom. I say, “I am sorry this took so long.” And she says, “Less talk and more action, baby.” And I say, “Oh well, I like the sound of that.” And then we get to it…. and so… he is a ‘playa’! (Laughs)

Damn, Jill can't catch a break can she?

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