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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I was disappointed in Lulu today. Her smackdown of Nikolas was not as great as I was expecting it to be. She got a couple of verbal shots in there, but no physical ones. She put all the blame on Liz’s shoulders, where it should have been only half the blame.


Lulu’s smackdown of Liz also bothered me. Now, I have no problem with the smackdown itself. What bothered me is that it was done at Liz’s workplace. Having Liz humiliated in front of her co-workers might be the wet dream of all the Liz haters, but it almost takes away from the beauty of Lucky’s smackdown yesterday, like the Airplane movie where the gag is the line of people wanting to smack a hysterical passenger. The first time it’s funny, after the 20th time, not so much.

Also, Epiphany has torn a strip off of people for merely looking at each other cross eyed at her nurse’s desk, but she let Lulu scream at her employee without batting an eye. Robin stood by and watched her friend get blasted as well.

For me, having it done that way took the fun out of the smackdown itself.

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I loved that Lulu went to Dante at the end and they expressed their love. I just wish when he sent her away, she hadn’t gone. I wanted her to realize that he was pushing her away for her own good and that she would have fought to stay with him.

I loved the Sonny and Michael scene. Michael was all cocky and smirky because he thinks he’s got the goods on Dominic. Sonny, his usual self, was not believing what someone was telling him.

I hated everything Olivia, although it was nice to see Agent Raynor again.

I loved that Michael went to Kristina and that she suggested he go to Jax. Michael went to Jax, who went along by trying to help Sonny out of trouble. All of that will turn into a big soapy mess when the truth comes out.

I find it interesting that Jason, the brain damaged killer, seems to be the only one realizing that he should not be Jake’s parent for safety reasons. Also, don't both Carly and Sam realize that taking Jake away from Lucky right now might make matters even worse?