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One Life to Live Recap

I found it ironic that Tuesday's episode started with a bunch of horny toads, and ended by their signifigant others jumping through hoops to take care of others. Today was a great episode, which is hard for me to say since it had Rex, Gigi, and Greg. Still I loved it.


First thing I want to talk about is Bo and Nora. I have to say that although they don't sizzle like some of the fresh meat on the show, I thought their scenes in the beginning were pretty sexy, in a mature way. I was disappointed that they immediately started talking about Clint afterwards. Couldn't they be happy for more than two minutes after?

Clint and Kim was great today too. I loved how he fumbled all the papers when he saw her, just classic. I really got the sense she actually meant what she was saying to him. I have a feeling she is actually going to fall for him, just as Charlie dies/goes to jail, and Clint has to take care of Viki.(Theory not Spoiler). Could you imagine Amanda Setton vs Erika Slazak? It would be fantastic, and if written well enough, could get Amanda a Supporting Emmy nod. Eh, I am probably just dreaming.

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Rex and Stacy at home was cute but was mostly filler, so that calling him to tell him about Jessica would make him and Stacy appear out of the blue. I like that they had ideas for names that they couldn't agree on. We are having the same problem with our new little boy on the way, and it is the same thing. No names work for both of us.

Schuyler and Gigi were cute, but when it isn't forbidden, it is boring. But isn't that how it always is? I don't know, maybe its that they aren't written the same way, but they seemed kind of tame and lacking any heat, which was there in spades three months ago.

Greg and Rachel seemed to serve no purpose Tuesday, other than to take care of Matthew while Bo and Nora are in Texas.

The last few segments of everyone together at Llanfair were great. I loved the interaction that Bree had, and her new cousin Shane taking care of her. I liked Tea and Todd playing backup, and doing it to the nines. I liked that Shane thought about and cared about Stacy's baby. But most of all, I loved that in 60 seconds or so, Erika Slazak reminded me why she has more Emmy awards than any other woman. She is phonomenal, and I applaud TPTB for their continued use of the amazing vets on this show.