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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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This episode was a bit of a letdown after the past two. I know we can't have verbal smackdowns every day, but everything's been so good, that when a regular episode shows up, it's a little ho hum.


I loved the Johnny and Carly scene. It was very sweet and I like Carly when she's in that nice mode. I also think Johnny should smile more often since it just lights up his face. I just wish he had a better story (or any story).

I loved the Olivia and Carly scene because it really is great, soapy foreshadowing. The two of them making up for Olivia's lie, just as her biggest lie yet is about to hit the fan. That is going to be ugly when it breaks and I want front row seats.

I hated Epiphany's double standard of allowing someone to come in off the streets and tear a five minute strip off of Liz yesterday, but today, the instant the doctors start chattering about it, she shuts them down. 

I loved that Robin told Steven to tell Liz that she and Patrick don't judge her. At least someone in this town has the self awareness of not being a hypocrite.

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I loved that Lulu went back to Dante's to force his hand, but I hate that they're still at odds. 

I hate that Jax hasn't warned Dante that Michael knows the truth and the danger that might come with that. Come on Jax, be a better man than that.

I find Kristina and Kiefer to be a bit schizophrenic. I'm not sure if it's accidental because they had to shelve them for James Franco's story, or if it's deliberately being written this way. One minute, he's all over her, then he's practically dumping her  I'm confused where he's coming from. 

I loved that Sam took the call from Kristina and decided her sister came first, before the latest Jason/Spinelli crisis and went over to see what Kristina's problem was. I also liked the Kris and Sam conversation, although the one thing I would have changed was when Kristina asked why she can't dress the same way Sam does. I wish Sam's answer would have been, "Because I'm an adult and you're a teenager." 

Funny line of the day:

 "Well, sometimes Jason will ask me to dress in black if we're working, or trying to break-in somewhere."

I hated Olivia's smirkiness through the whole episode because she thought she had fixed her problem by telling Raynor the truth. It was very childish in that it reminded me of Michael's smirkiness with Sonny when he thought he had the goods on Dante. 

I loved that Johnny got pissed at Olivia and told her what I wanted to say, "You double crossed your son to help Sonny."