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Is It The End Of The Line For GH's Sonny?

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Ay Dios mio! Could it be, General Hospital's charasmatic-dimpled mobster finally head to jail? Maurice Benardfills TV Guide Magazinein on what's going to happen with his alter ego in the aftermath of shooing his cop-son Dante (Dominic Zampronga)

So he’ll go to prison?

I think that’s how they’re writing it so I’m playing it to the hilt. I truly believe Sonny’s done this time. He wants his son to be safe and he sees no other way out. And Sonny wants Dante to feel like he’s the one responsible for sending him to prison. He doesn’t think he can get away with it this time—at least that’s the way I’m playing it in the scenes we’re shooting now.

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This thing will go to trial?

Yeah. And I’m going to play it from here to whenever that this is the last time Sonny will see his kids, the last time he’ll see anyone he cares about. I’m not going to be all mushy-mushy about it. [Laughs] That’s not me. I’ll be a tough son of a bitch but, yeah, this could be it for him. I certainly want the audience to think that.