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Real Life Soap: Eva La Rue Fights City Hall!

It looks like the drama doesn't end for Eva La Rue once the director yells it's a wrap. According to the Glendale News Press, the CSI: Miami actress and All My Children alum is currently embroiled in a heated battle with neighbors in her North Glendale, CA neighborhood, and the city council, over a gate La Rue had constructed, sans permits in 2007.


Reportedly, the gate— which city zoning officials say is too close to the public right-of-way—was built in order to protect the actress and her 8-year-old daughter Kaya, whom she shares with former husband and AMC screen partner John Callahan, from an alleged stalker.

I am asking please, please to keep my gate,” La Rue told the City Council last week. “I’m a single mom. I know that this gate can’t really protect me from somebody that wants to do me and my 8-year-old harm, but at least it is some sort of barrier.”

The article goes on to reveal La Rue's neighbors and homeowner's groups got their collective knickers in a knot (okay, I'm paraphrasing), when a zoning administrator granted a variance for the gate, even after La Rue's residence had been cited by city code enforcement officials for being in violation of zoning laws. Because of complaints of unfairness, the variance was overturned by the city's planning commission, resulting in the former Dr. Maria Santos Grey having to plead her case in front of the City Council.

Oh don't get up and go grab a soda now,  this episode of The Perils of La Rue ain't over yet! Reportedly, city council members ended up in a deadlock over how to solve a problem like Maria's Eva's gate. One councilman, John Drayman, who rents properties in La Rue's neighborhood, initially recused himself from the debate over fear of ethical conflicts. When Drayman returned to the table, after having consulted with the city attorney and being assured he wasn't in any violation, another councilman, Ara Najarian— who supports La Rue in the matter— protested, resulting in the exchange below:

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The plot thickened Tuesday, when Drayman said that, after further discussion with the city attorney, he felt confident he was free from any conflicts and would be able to weigh in after reviewing the video recording of the previous hearing.

That sparked a back-and-forth, with Najarian arguing that it was improper for Drayman to return to the issue after initially declaring a conflict.

“Quite frankly, the day I need you to lecture me about morals, justice and due process is a long way off . . . it may be snowing in this room at that time,” Drayman said.

And you thought Erica vs. Maria was a scandalous, soap opera rivalry, full of bitchy one-liners!

Najarian, went on to say the city council had no right to overturn the variance La Rue had been granted by the planning commission. Other council members and the city's mayor, Frank Quintero, disagreed.

“I drive by this house on a regular basis, and it is jarring,” Quintero said. “To have a gate that high at the sidewalk doesn’t make sense to me.”

Dang, even the mayor has hateration for Eva! The issue is set to be once again battled out at Glendale's next city council meeting on Feb. 9. What I wanna know is, can Glendale News Press reporter Melanie Hicken join All My Children's writing staff? This sudsy mess is better than anything I've seen in Pine Valley in two years!

Photo by PR Photos