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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I still love Lante and how she went back and told him she would be with him when the fallout happens. If they get interrupted again, I'm going to have to hurt someone!


I love the Luke and Lucky moments, although Luke offering to kill someone for Lucky was a bit much. Plus, I'm pretty sure he meant Nikolas and not Elizabeth. I also love the Luke and Tracy moments. They work very well as a couple when they're on the same side. 

I loved the Lucky and Ethan scene, and the fact that Ethan reached out to him and offered help. Although I thought it was odd that in the scene with Tracy, Ethan was mopey and had a dad loves Lucky more type of attitude. What exactly did he expect Luke to do? Ignore the fact that Lucky's life has fallen apart and continue to be cute with Ethan?

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I'm not sure how I felt about Liz's mini breakdown. I get being paranoid about people looking at you and talking behind your back, but I would have expected that behaviour to go on much longer before she snapped. My biggest problem right now is that Rebecca Herbst is looking gorgeous these days. Pregnancy is clearly agreeing with her. Liz should look like crap, with tired, crying eyes, but she doesn't. Make up needs to work on that to make it a bit more believable.

Olivia is officially the worst person on this show and that's after my general hatred of all things Sonny and newfound hatred for all things Nikolas. The woman claims to have done everything to protect her son, but the only thing she didn't do was protect her son. I love that Johnny is her truth teller.

Line of the day:

Johnny to Olivia:
 "Are you lying to me or to yourself?"

I laughed at Sonny's dumb, "But Jason we don't have any proof.....what is your stupid techie doing here....oh look, proof."  For once I would love Jason to say, "Shut up and let me explain the proof to you."  Not that I'm happy in this case that they have proof, since it means my man Dante is in trouble, but you know. 

Is it tomorrow yet?