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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers


Katherine: The grande dame flips the script on her long lost son.

Patty: In the weeks leading up to her one and only love's wedding to Emily, Patty starts to unravel a bit more.

Jack: Old Smilin', along with Ashley, find out Jabot's status.

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Lily: After hearing the twins' heartbeats for the first time, she finds out her friend Harry passed away at the hospital. Lily realizes the extent of her disease and she may not live to see her twins grow up. She has a counseling session with Dr. Emily after Cane sees how hard she was hit with Harry's death.

Lily starts opening up to Emily on her fears of not being around for her children and Emily gives her a pep talk on thinking positive and gives her the initiative to fight her cancer and to keep strong. Meanwhile, Cane reads a letter to Lily that Harry wrote her before he died and it motivates her to keep positive and to beat her cancer.

Billy/Victoria: The enemies are trapped in a snow storm together. (Save him someone!).

Adam/Ashley: Ash gets a purple blanket for Faith from her missing in action mom. As she and Abby are checking it out, she starts to remember what she went through last summer. It has her thinking about the same purple fabric Adam claimed he found on Victor's car bumper, when Ashley believed she killed Sabrina. Ashley enlists Abby's help on a search for the piece of fabric. Ash starts to wonder if Adam was behind her thinking she was responsible for Sabrina's "death," so she tears the house up trying to find the piece of cloth. Meanwhile, Sharon turns up and Ashley has her take Faith out so she can keep looking for the fabric. Sharon visits with Adam and fills him in on what happened with Ashley and he freaks out and heads straight for the ranch.

When he shows up Ashley has a showdown with him on tricking her to believe she ran Sabrina down. Adam feigns innocence on the entire event and this sparks Ashley's doubt in Adam even more since she knows this all took place. Ashley's hurt by everything since she came to see Adam as a good friend and supporter during her mental breakdown. For him to blatantly lie makes her question his friendship. While the two are arguing, Phyllis shows up and over hears Ashley grill Adam on why he tried to gaslight her. Big Red then jumps into the fight and also accuses Adam and wonders what really happened with Dr. Taylor. As the argument gets heated, Neil arrives and Ashley orders Adam out the house and she fills Neil in on everything. Neil promises to find out what exactly's going on since he always thought Adam was sketchy from day one