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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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“Michael Corinthos, Junior, you’re under arrest for the murder of Claudia Zachara Corinthos.”


Ok, so I got goose bumps when Dante pulled out that badge and got all Detective Falconeri on Sonny. However, I don’t understand why he didn’t pull out a gun with that badge because it just became about Dante trying to talk himself out of getting shot.

Kudos to Dominic Zamprogna because he was absolutely mesmerizing in those final scenes by bringing up Mr. Poleti, only to have Sonny dismiss him. Telling Sonny that he has no respect for him was beautiful.

As much as I hate Olivia, and I do, I did start crying when she pulled open the door and screamed out Dante’s name. Of course, that might have more to do with the fact that my man Dante was lying on the floor with a bullet hole in him, but you know.

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I also don’t understand why SaSon felt they needed to kill a police officer. Lucky, Mac, all of PCPD’s finest have arrested Jason and Sonny at some point in their criminal lives. Most of the time, they didn’t even have any hard evidence. So why was this time so much worse than those others times? Was it just because Dante made them look like fools by being able to get that close? 

I really, really love that so many people knew about this secret and managed to keep quiet about it for as long as they did. This show never allows their precious Jason and Sonny to be had and yet Dante, Jax, Olivia, Johnny, Lulu, Lucky and Mac all knew the truth. It’s a beautiful thing!

Now onto the rest of the show..

I love baby Jocelyn and how she seemed perfectly happy sitting in Lulu’s arms through the whole ceremony.

I love that Carly is just so darn happy with her big day and is totally unaware that the poop is going to hit the fan.

i wasn’t happy with Luke basically allowing Liz a free pass, but I was glad that he pointed out to Lulu that Nikolas is as much to blame. Lulu seems to think this is a pattern for Liz, first Jason and now Nikolas. What she fails to remember is that it’s a pattern for Nikolas too, first Courtney and now Liz.