Zack Conroy Talks About L.A. and Oliver

CBS.com caught up with The Bold and the Beautiful's newest cast member, Zack Conroy. He opened up about his new role and his move to Los Angeles.


CBS.com: How's L.A. treating you?

ZACK CONROY: ­I love it, it's awesome. I’m actually just about to head to the beach, it's not exactly beach weather but I gotta go check it out.­

Conroy got a chance to talk about the difference between working in Peapack, NJ and CBS's Television City in Hollywood.

CBS.com: Have you enjoyed working at the historic Television City?

ZACK CONROY: It's awesome. It was fun working at Guiding Light, but those Peapack, New Jersey days were rough and early. When I came into the audition I was walking at The Grove, which is this really cool Los Angeles outdoor mall, and then you go into this really nice studio, and The Price is Rightfilms on the lot so you see all the prizes, and I saw the Wheel. That was the best part. It's cool too because The Young and the Restless shoots in the same place and I know a few people over there.

Hopefully, Conroy will stick around for a bit. Oliver has mixed it up pretty well with a few of B&B's major leaguers in his first week. Be sure to check out the full interview for more of Conroy's insight HERE

Photo by PR Photos