B&B Catch Up: Hope In Peril; Nick Goes Columbo; Taylor Gets Fresh

After fantasizing about being ravished by Ridge, Taylor decided it was time to move on. She told Ridge to stop calling her “Doc” because it got her all horny. Stephanie didn’t help by telling her not give up on Ridge. On a roll, Stephanie cornered Whip and let him know that Taylor and Ridge would always have feelings for each other. The meddling old bat then paid a visit to Ridge to say that Taylor might soon drop her drawers for the Whipster. The crazy lady is obsessed. Undeterred, Whip presented Taylor with a specially commissioned frock from doctor-turned-designer Bridget. For some reason, he did this in Stephanie’s office, where he’d also set out a meal for the two of them. Weird.

Oh no. Taylor's dropped dead again.

Stephanie ranted at Ridge, calling the Logans “glorified call girls” and Donna a “walking, talking sex doll.” I can’t really argue with that, despite my Brooke love. The faulty locks at Forrester Creations meant that the door was ajar, and Brooke overheard, leading to a Brooke/Stephanie showdown. Steph thinks that Brooke is driving Ridge to a nervous breakdown. (I would love that – please, Brad Bell, send Ridge to the funny farm.) The sad thing is, as soon as Steph mentioned that Brooke might lose Ridge, Brooke stepped into line and started cheerleading for Ridge by confronting Katie and telling her hand over the CEO title to Ridge. Sure, Brooke. Want fries with that? When Katie said they should tell Ridge about Steffy humping Bill’s leg, Brooke said no way, Jose, I’m clinging to Ridge for dear life. Brooke is in Stepford Wife mode, and Taylor is on standby to lick Ridge’s boots if he doesn’t get unlimited support from his Logan. Ugh. I had to go and watch the scene from a few weeks ago, where Bill said: “Ridge, Ridge, Ridge... how stupid are you?” just for kicks.


Stop smirking, Rigid. 

The truth about Hope’s paternity came out as those blasted un-lockable FC doors allowed Hope to eavesdrop on Brooke and Ridge. Here’s the history: Brooke screwed her daughter Bridget’s husband (Deacon Sharpe, last seen in a Genoa City jail cell) and got knocked up. The love child is Hope. Naughty Brooke.


Katie continued to undermine Steffy by appointing Hope the “voice” as well as the face of the forthcoming Hope for the Future campaign. This led to Steffy shaking up a can of drink, which squirted in Hope’s face. That really proved what a capable business exec Steffy is, didn’t it? If she would shut up and stop whining about the Forrester name being disgraced and the Logans running Forrester Creations, she might realize that her idiotic relatives refused to take the titles Katie offered them. Besides, Ridge is Massimo’s son, not Eric’s (unlike Rick, Bridget, Thorne and Felicia). But, whatever... at least Steffy is more bearable as a bitch-on-wheels, rather than a drippy whiner.

Bricky was huge, I tell ya, HUGE!

Sandy bonded with her brother, Oliver, by looking at his holiday snaps. What fun. He’s a DJ at Insomnia and seems to have taken a shine to Hope. Sandy hooked up with Nick to track down her rapist. The photographer, Graham, who held the fateful party, was a possible culprit. Wouldn’t you know it, he’s the photographer shooting Hope’s campaign. Nick managed to get a DNA sample from Graham with the cunning use of chewing gum. He raced to the police lab with Sandy and the lump of gum. Unbeknownst to anyone, Hope had already set off to meet maybe-rapist Graham. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the truth about her conception had just come out and she was Having A Typical Emotional Upset (as Mariah Carey might say) whilst driving. It looked like she was about to crash her car. Oh dear.


Tune in next week to discover if Hope does a Phoebe and dies singing a lame ass song to Ridge. Find out who gets to stroke Ridge’s bloated ego and whether Sandy’s rapist is caught in a chewing gum trap.