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Jillian's DAYS Spoilers

Stephanie: She hides a letter.


Philip/Melanie: The duo get hitched.

Vivian: She finds out Victor put a stop to her plot.

EJ: He finds out Rafe and Sami are back together.

Kate: She agrees to a proposal of Stefano's

Philip: He saves Chloe from Victor.

Carly: She has a showdown with Vivian.

Hope: Fancy face steals the puzzle box from Vivian and heads off to Justin's to find out what's inside. The two find a birth certificate and a letter from Lawrence. Hope assumes Bo's the father of Carly's missing child. She then figures out he isn't and wouldn't keep a huge secret like that from her after all the drama they've been through with long-lost children in the past. Bo talks with Ciara on web cam and later on, she sees her daddy and Carly kissing. The smart tyke asks Grandma Caroline to go by her daddy's house where they spot Bo and Carly sharing a romantic moment. Caroline rips into Bo and leaves. Bo then asks Carly to move in with him, which she agrees to and they set off for the hospital.

When Bo returns home, he discovers Carly's clothes have been cut up and is shocked to learn Ciara's behind it all. Hope shows up to give Bo the heads up about Vivian. She sees the clothes and, at first, thinks the Alamain thugs are responsible. When she finds out Bo asked Carly to move in with him, it all makes sense for Hope. The two argue and Carly happens upon them and decides it's best for her to move out so Bo doesn't lose his little girl.