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Check Out We Love's First Annual Indie Soap Awards!

Our pal Roger Newcomb from We Love, the foremost promoter of all things web soaps, has lovingly put together his first ever Indie Soap Awards. I can't begin to say how cool it is to know someone as positve as Newcomb about the future of soaps, especially considering I tend to see the glass not only as half empty, but smashed against the wall in a fit of righteous indigestion. Seriously though, this man would make Knots Landing's Karen McKenzie call him a Pollyanna.

Whenever a soap gets cancelled, a supercouple is tossed so a show runner can keep the lights operating on the Tuscany set or worse, Newcomb is always there to remind us that everything that is happening now, pretty much happened when soaps made the transition from radio to television. In the past decade or so soaps have begun to make their move to the net, and while the revenue model and certain technical issues haven't quite been figured out yet, it is amazing that Newcomb has decided to give the pioneers of this brave new genre their due. So without further hyperbole, the Indie Soap Awards!

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