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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


So, Sonny thinks it’s okay and justifiable to shoot an unarmed police officer who was doing his job, but the minute he finds out that the cop is related, suddenly Olivia is to blame for not realizing that he’s a trigger happy dufus who doesn’t like it when he gets betrayed. Jerk.

Oh look, there’s Sonny in the hospital chapel bothering God with his latest mess. Sorry, but God’s too busy trying to clean up your mess and save your son’s life. He doesn’t have time for you now. Idiot.

Olivia should have kicked him out of the ambulance the minute he started throwing his paternal weight around. I found after the initial reaction, that she wasn’t as annoyed with him as she should have been, considering he just shot Dante in cold blood.

Spinelli is now officially dead to me. He basically sent Sonny after Dante, yet he stands there, unconcerned while Lulu worries.

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I hated Molly’s 89th pimping of JaSam. Why she thinks it’s a good idea for her sister to date a killer is beyond me.

Monica coming up and commenting on how well Maxie is doing for herself was rather odd and out of place.

I don’t understand why Carly didn’t question the DVD, considering it had nothing written on it and no note with it. That should have raised red flags all over.

Carly/Lulu/Luke: I loved that Luke called Carly on her hypocrisy. I also didn’t understand Lulu’s comment about Liz thinking she’s an angel. Lulu and Liz’s relationship has been okay up until this point and as far as I can remember Liz has never looked down on Lulu, so having her say that was not right. Had Carly, who does feel that Liz looks down on her, made the comment that would have been fine, but coming from Lulu it seemed more like something the writers wanted to appease the fans with than something Lulu would say.

Carly: “I blame Elizabeth for this.”

Luke: “Well, you may not be in a position to throw stones, considering the men and the marriages that have your tire tracks across their backs.”


I loved Lulu showing up at Sonny’s and freaking out when she heard Dante’s phone ringing, while taking in the blood and mess left behind by the paramedics.