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DC #510: ABC Orgasmatron

On today's ABC Daytime Confidential episode Luke, Jamey and Regan discuss the latest in All My Children, General Hospital and One Life to Live storylines and news, including:


Greenlee is about to catch Ryan and Erica on All My Children. AMC needs to quit with the misleading promos. Ryan isn't Greenlee's true love and Greenlee isn't Ryan's. Leo is Greenlee's true love and Gillian is Ryan's. Should AMC bring back Esta TerBlanche as a Gillian look-a-like to be paired with Ryan? Will Brooke's Pine Valley return help put things right?

Jonathan Jackson delivered an amazing performance on General Hospital. Did he just lay claim to the Emmy and should Y&R's Billy Miller be worried about his trophy chances? With Jackson back Tyler Christopherneeds to step up his game. Elizabeth is being written out of character, but Sam fans must be estatic. Dominic Zamprognawas fantastic during Friday's episode and we can't wait to see how the Dante/Sonny story plays out. What will happen to Sonny now? GH needs to update its opening ASAP, the old one is more and more embarrassing with each passing week.

Jamey has the perfect idea for a One Life to Live/General Hospital crossover. John McBain goes to Port Charles to hunt down a serial killer and while he's there runs into Sam so that Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco can re-unite onscreen. How do you solve a problem like Marty Saybrooke? Jamey has a suggestion that just might make the character interesting again. Who is going to get custody of Stacy's baby if she dies? OLTL needs to give poor Jessica a break. What more can they put the poor girl through? If she's re-paired with Cristian where does that leave Layla? Would Ford and Layla make a good couple or should the Ford/Langston/Markko triangle keep going? Should Evangeline return to Llanview? When did Dorian Lord become Snoop Dogg? Is a Cramer girl getting killed off? The Starr and Danielle scenes were the best part of the previous week.

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